Bezeq Publishes its Corporate Responsibility Report

February 10, 2021

Bezeq Publishes its Corporate Responsibility Report

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 10, 2021 – Bezeq – The Israel Telecommunication Corp., Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ), announced today the publication of its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2019, with updates for 2020. The Report covers the entire range of Bezeq’s fixed-line operations in the corporate responsibility area. The subjects largely elaborated in the Report are: corporate governance, code of ethics, employee rights and fair employment practices, dialog with customers, environmental policy, social involvement and contribution to the community, and more. The Report was prepared in accordance with the global GRI and SASB standards methodology.

The publication of the Corporate Responsibility Report is part of an ongoing and consistent move to reflect Bezeq’s performance in this area and in the continuous improvement in such indicators. Bezeq, as the largest telecommunications company in Israel, is working toward long-term improvement in all corporate responsibility indicators, and the present Report marks the onset of a significant step in this area.

In the Report, Bezeq has refined and fine-tuned the relevant and material issues and has done so by combining the standards with active dialog held with the Company’s officers. Furthermore, the Company details its relationships with its overall stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, regulatory authorities, community and others. As an example, the Report specifies Bezeq’s relationship with its customers, which is based on transparency and fairness to the consumer.

The Report is scheduled to be published on a regular basis from now on and will present in a detailed and professional manner Bezeq’s conduct in the various domains included under the corporate responsibility area as well as the presentation of processes that are unique to the Company. The Report was written with the assistance of Good Vision consulting firm from the Fahn Kanne Group, led by Mr. Ivri Verbin, one of the leading experts in Israel in this field.

Guy Hadass, Bezeq’s VP Corporate Communications, “The report presents the Bezeq Group’s activity in the various domains of corporate responsibility, highlights our unique endeavors in this area, and serves as a tool to achieve continuous improvement. It is a great privilege to be the national telecommunications company of Israel, and it is clear to us that with the privilege we also carry a responsibility toward the environment in which we operate. This report details the manner in which we carry out our duty. Bezeq has the duty to ensure fair and proper use of these tools, while integrating them into the organization's business and economic targets”.

About "Bezeq" – The Israel Telecommunication Corp.

Bezeq is Israel's leading telecommunications service provider. Established in 1984, the Company has led Israel into the new era of communications, based on the most advanced technologies and services. Bezeq and its subsidiaries offer the full range of communications services including domestic, international and cellular phone services; broadband Internet, and other data communications; satellite and Internet based multi-channel TV; and corporate networks. For more information about Bezeq please visit the corporate website at

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