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Ran Guron Appointed Bezeq CEO

May 12, 2022

Holon, Israel – May 12, 2022 – Gil Sharon, Chairman of the Bezeq Group, announced Ran Guron’s appointment as CEO of Bezeq today, following the Board of Directors’ approval of the appointment. Guron will replace the departing Bezeq CEO, Dudu Mizrahi, who recently announced his resignation. Guron will enter the position in June.

Guron has 25 years of experience in the Israeli telecommunication market. He has held senior executive positions in the Bezeq Group since 2006, including as Deputy CEO and Vice President of Marketing in Bezeq, CEO of Pelephone, and later, CEO of Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International.

Following the appointment, Sharon stated, “Ran has been successfully managing the group subsidiaries’ operations for six years, and he is returning now to Bezeq Fixed-Line to lead the company through the challenges it will face in the coming years. Ran has an impressive track record as an executive and he is thoroughly familiar with the Bezeq Group. In his previous position, Ran handled an unparalleled challenge, the management of three companies at once in a highly competitive market, and helped the subsidiaries achieve excellent operating results. I am certain that Ran will continue on the upward path Dudu has started and lead Bezeq to new heights and new successes.”

Sharon further added that “Dudu leaves us with a terrific company with excellent results. I am grateful for our time working together and wish him great success in his career.”

Following the appointment, Guron stated: “After six challenging and successful years in the subsidiaries, I am happy to be returning to Bezeq and excited toward the challenges ahead. In recent years, Bezeq had major breakthroughs, and with its excellent management team, it launched the optic fibers in a truly revolutionary process in Israel. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I am proud to lead the way alongside Bezeq’s excellent employees.”

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