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Ilan Sigal appointed CEO of Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International

May 17, 2022

Ilan Sigal Appointed CEO of Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International

Holon, Israel – May 17, 2022 – Gil Sharon, Chairman of the Bezeq Group, announced today the appointment of Ilan Sigal as CEO of Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International, after the Bezeq Board of Directors approved the appointment. Sigal will replace Ran Guron who was recently appointed as Bezeq CEO.

Sigal has over 20 years experience in various management positions in the telecommunications sector, and is now returning to the Bezeq Group, after having served as the CEO of Golan Telecom and VP Business Development of the Cellcom Group. Sigal served for nine years in senior marketing positions at Bezeq, along with a further five years as VP Marketing & Business Development of Pelephone, and later on of the three companies together, Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International.

Following the appointment, Sharon stated, “Ilan is returning to the Bezeq Group after a successful term of office managing the Golan Telecom cellular company. During his many years of work at the Bezeq Group, Ilan developed into a manager with strategic vision, profound marketing understanding and a strong management focus. I welcome Ilan on his return to Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International, and am convinced that he has the capacity to lead them on to further achievements in a highly challenging, competitive environment.”

Sharon added, “I would like to take this additional opportunity to thank Ran Guron for all those years during which he managed the three companies with tremendous success, and I am sure that the longstanding joint work of Ran and Ilan will only serve to add to the Group’s activity.”

Following the appointment, Sigal stated, “I am extremely excited and have high expectations on my return to the Bezeq Group. I wish to thank the Chairman of the Bezeq Group, Gil Sharon, for his trust and for selecting me. I am convinced that together, the workers and management at Pelephone, yes and Bezeq International, shall lead the companies to new heights, and gain successes along with much benefit and enjoyment from doing so. On this occasion, I wish to express my thanks to Daniel Sapir, CEO of the Cellcom Group, and Doron Cohen, Chairman of the Cellcom Group, for their trust in me and our joint work.”

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