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"Be Home" – the new generation smart home service

August 5, 2020

Bezeq Launches "Be Home" – The New Generation Smart Home Service


Tel Aviv, Israel – August 5, 2020 – Bezeq – The Israel Telecommunication Corp., Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ), announces that this morning the Company launched Be Home – the new generation smart home service. This is a further development of the smart home service first launched by Bezeq some five years ago, when it pioneered this service in Israel. The new service enables management of a range of smart detectors and switches and remote home surveillance. The new service is managed by a modular application that is programmed to interconnect all the detectors and create an interactive connectivity between them, such that each can be the trigger that activates the other. This enables defining scenarios and presetting operations that are to occur automatically, with all the smart components being managed via an application with an easy-to-use interface in Hebrew. 

The basic service includes a fixed fee of NIS 14.90 per month, in addition to detectors and switches according to the customer's choice. As part of the service, Bezeq offers for sale a wide selection of detectors and smart electrical switches, among them; smart camera, air conditioner detector, flood detector, motion detector, door / window detector, shutter switch, heater switch and lighting switch. Bezeq offers the detectors for sale in 36 monthly installments, with the price range being NIS 9.90 - 14.90 per month.

As part of the new service, Bezeq is offering a package comprising a camera, air-conditioner switch and a choice of three security detectors (flood, door and movement). The package includes support and installation services by a certified Bezeq technician, who also installs the application and defines the scenarios according to the customer's individual needs in the home. The package costs NIS 54.90, to be paid in 36 monthly installments. After three years, the cost of the service will be NIS 14.90 per month.

Bezeq first launched its smart home service in 2015. At the time, the service included a camera fitted with movement and humidity sensors as well as two-way audio sensors, enabling remote communication with those present at home. The new generation smart home is based on the Be router, which serves as the brain of the entire system, allowing for a larger range of detectors and switches from the day of the service's launch as well as support for hundreds of additional detectors and switches in the future.

Launching of the new service joins a long line of moves implemented by Bezeq recently, as part of its strategy to bolster and enhance the Internet experience in the customer's home. Initially, Bezeq launched the Be router together with built-in cyber protection. In the following stage, Bezeq launched a series of products, Bspot and Be Mesh, to improve WiFi coverage in the home. Today, the smart home service integrated in the Be router makes the home itself digital and smart. The new service is being launched at a time when approximately 450,000 Internet customers of Bezeq have a Be router, which serves as the brain behind and gateway to digital life at home.

The new service is a result of the collaboration between Bezeq and, one of the leading and largest IOT companies in the world, which provides services to six million households and control of some 100 million smart products in 42 countries.

"There are many products on the market today that come under the rubric of smart home," said Keren Leizerovich, VP Marketing at Bezeq, "but Bezeq is unique in that it offers a holistic smart home service that allows for control of a range of detectors via a single application. We do not only sell the detectors, we offer the customer a complete end-to-end service, from installation of the components in the customer's home through defining the application to suit the customer's individual needs. The smart home service was built with the full collaboration of the manufacturer Alarm, our goal being to create a simple and easy-to-operate service, predicated on the use of an innovative and most advanced product that offers the customer an impressive user experience. The launch of the new service was preceded by lengthy and in-depth preparatory activity, involving analysis of customer needs and an evaluation of the technological capabilities currently existing in the market. From a survey we conducted ahead of the service's launch, it emerges that every home, on average, has ten connected devices and appliances and that some 30% of homes in Israel today are already smart homes."

"Starting today, hundreds of thousands of Bezeq customers can unlock the potential of smart home solutions through their broadband router with the push of a button,” said Reed Grothe, senior VP of global business development at "Working with Bezeq to deploy our technology through a multi-purpose gateway for the first time is an important step in broadly delivering and supporting fully integrated smart home solutions to the international market.”

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