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Supreme court rejects petition

January 15, 2001
Supreme court rejects petition of call center companies against
Ministry of Communications and Bezeq
January 15, 2001
The companies sought to prevent the entry of Bezeq into activities in
their field

The Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, yesterday
(January 14, 2001) rejected the petition of call center companies
Beeper Communications, TellAll and others, against the Ministry of
Communications and Bezeq. The petition sought, among other things, to
prevent Bezeq or a subsidiary of Bezeq from operating in the field of
call centers.

The panel of Supreme Court Justices, President Justice Aharon Barak
and Justices Englander and Procaccia, dismissed the petition since
Bezeq had established a subsidiary, as required by the Ministry of

Several months ago, the call center companies operating in Israel
formed a group with the specific aim of preventing Bezeq from entering
this area of operation. This step was taken following the Bezeq
Group's decision to offer customers call center services, in response
to growing demand from various organizations and businesses for this
type of service. Bezeq identified both the demand and its
compatibility with the company's operating and professional abilities
to meet it.

The main center of the subsidiary established by Bezeq to provide
call center services - Bezeq On-Line - is in Be'er Sheva, so as to
provide jobs for residents of that region.

Through its call center services, Bezeq is bringing the periphery
closer to the center of the country. A company or business in the
center can provide fast, efficient and reliable quality service to its
customers by means of a call center which coincidentally provides jobs
in high-unemployment areas, without requiring complex logistical
preparations and without requiring its employees to migrate from the
center of the country.
"The center comes to them," explained Raz Heiferman, Bezeq's Vice
President for Information Technologies, who is responsible for the
enterprise. "The call center enables the phone center at one end of
the country to provide customers at the other end of the country with
services, while saving costs and increasing service efficiency and
reliability and providing a first class employment solution."

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