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Paul Weissbach, Bezeq's VP - Engineering and Planning, Appointed Deputy CEO

January 18, 2001
Paul Weissbach, Bezeq's VP - Engineering and Planning, Appointed
Deputy CEO
January 18, 2001

Paul Weissbach, Vice President for Engineering and Planing at Bezeq,
has been appointed Deputy CEO, in addition to his present duties. The
Board of Directors of the company today approved the appointment, as
recommended by the CEO.

Weissbach, with a masters in physics, is also a graduate of a course
for senior business managers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He
has served as VP - Engineering and Planning since 1996, before which
he was VP - Operations at Pelephone and Deputy VP for Combined
Planning in the Engineering and Planning division of Bezeq. He also
served as head of the operations department in the engineering and
planning division.

In his new capacity, Weissbach will stand in for the CEO in his
absence, and will have various functions and tasks relating to the
company as a whole, in coordination with the CEO. These will include
managing the work of the company headquarters in formulating and
preparing annual and multi-year work plans and their subsequent
implementation; formulating engineering and information technology
systems strategy and the interaction between them (including ERP,
billing and other systems), and the coordination of current
intra-organizational operations. All these will be in addition to his
other functions as VP - Engineering and Planning.

The CEO of Bezeq, Ilan Biran, said that Weissbach is a highly
professional officer who identifies deeply with the building of the
engineering and technology infrastructure of Bezeq, an infrastructure
which is the base of the company's business platform. Biran said that
he decided to recommend Weissbach to the Board of Directors in view of
the company's preparations for opening the market to competition and
the requisite emphasis on focusing on the customer while giving
expression to the company's technological edge. "This step will help
the company to promote and integrate intra-company processes," said

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