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Bezeq - one of the cheapest communications companies in Europe

January 14, 2001
Bezeq - one of the cheapest communications companies in Europe for
Internet access, telephone calls and fixed monthly fees
January 14, 2001

Bezeq is currently enclosing with its customer's telephone bills a
leaflet showing a comparison of various communications tariffs in
European countries. The most noteworthy conclusion from the tables is
that Bezeq is one of the cheapest communications companies in
The survey covered the following areas: 20 hours Internet access, a
3-minute local call at peak times, and fixed monthly fees. All the
prices are shown in dollars ($1=NIS 4.15), and are without VAT.

The comparison reproduced below is based on data which was published
in April 2000 by Tarifica, an independent international company which
collects and compares prices. In each country, the dominant domestic
telephone company was selected to participate in the survey.

Price for 20 hours Internet access at off-peak hours, in
(The information relates to companies which set a special tariff for
Internet service. Bezeq's pricing in this comparison will be the price
in the LightNet package):

Israel - $ 2.3, Italy - $9.75, Ireland - $10.27, France - $12.95,
Austria - $16.24, Belgium - $21.43.

The comparison shows that Bezeq's Internet access tariffs are far
lower than those of other European countries: in Italy and Ireland
they are 4 times higher, in Austria they are 5 times higher, and in
Belgium they are 9 times higher than in Israel.

Fixed monthly fees, in dollars:
Greece - $ 7.5, Israel $9, France - % 10.4, Germany - $11.6, Britain
- $12.7, Denmark - $12.7, Switzerland - $14.2, Norway -

The comparison shows that the fixed monthly fees in Israel are lower
than in most European countries: by about 14% compared with France,
22% compared with Germany, 29% compared with Britain and Denmark, 37%
compared with Switzerland and 42% compared with Norway. Only in Greece
are the monthly fees lower than in Israel, by about 17%.

Price of 3-minute local call at peak times, in dollars:
Cyprus - $0.02, Israel - $0.06, Spain - $0.08, Italy - $0.1, France -
$0.11, Germany - $0.11, Switzerland - $0.12, Britain - $0.16.

The comparison shows that the tariff for a local 3-minute call in
Israel is lower than in most European countries: by about 25% compared
with Spain, 40% compared with Italy, 46% compared with France and
Germany. In Switzerland the tariff is twice as high as an Israel, and
in Britain is 2.7 times higher.

Pnina Shenhav, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Bezeq, said
that Bezeq aspires to continue providing its customers with the most
advanced services at low prices to suit every pocket. It is noted that
over and above the fact Bezeq's tariffs, as shown in the survey, are
lower than in most other countries, they are also decreasing over
time. Bezeq will continue to lower its tariffs and enable its
customers to choose the dedicated tariff package most suited to their

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