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Bezeq International and BezeqCall looking at possible merger

July 25, 2006

Bezeq Group moving towards more concentrated operations:

Bezeq International and BezeqCall

looking at possible merger


According to an official notice sent today by the Bezeq Group to the stock exchange, Bezeq International and BezeqCall are studying a possible merger of their operations.

Joint teams of the two companies will examine and lead the move. Bezeq International is involved in the internet, international calls and integration solutions for businesses, while BezeqCall Communications provides total communications solutions for businesses.

The CEO of the Bezeq Group, Yacov Gelbard, emphasized that this is a learning and examination stage, and that once the teams arrive at some conclusions, the matter will be discussed and decisions will be made. "The purpose of the trend towards concentration in the Group while focusing on core businesses is to arrive at more efficient processes and to bring operations together in a way that will better serve our customers," said Gelbard.

The examination is being led by the CEO of Bezeq International, Avi Gabbay, who said: "Bezeq International only recently entered the field of integration and solutions for business. Combining with BezeqCall's operations seems an obvious step, but we can only know that for certain after the teams have done their work. The primary goal will be a central service for the customer which will improve both the service and the customer's satisfaction."

The CEO of BezeqCall, Ofer Peri, added: "The possible merger and the joint business solutions will mean a complete quality solution for the business customer in various areas of communications. I am confident that customers will benefit from it if the decision is made."

If it is eventually decided that the merger is the right move, approvals will be required from the Ministry of Communications and the Antitrust Commissioner.

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