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Bezeq COO: The future for Bezeq is advanced communications and extremely large bandwidths

November 9, 2004

Avi Patir: The future for bezeq is advanced communication
services and extremely large bandwidths


At a press conference in the Bezeq pavilion at Telecom 2004, Deputy CEO Patir spoke of Bezeq's preparations for the coming years


"Bezeq is getting ready to provide advanced communication services. What we have to understand is that the combination of communication with computerization services, of communication services with information and entertainment services, and of fixed-line communication with mobile, are creating a new world of future services. Bezeq operates in these fields so that in the near future it will be able to provide its customers with the most advanced services in the word." – the words of Avi Patir, Deputy CEO of Bezeq, at a press conference in the Bezeq pavilion at the Telecom 2004 trade fair.

Patir also revealed that Bezeq is planning to increase high-speed Internet bandwidth. "Bezeq is already the market leader – by a long way. Nevertheless, we would be irresponsible if we were to rest on our laurels. So Bezeq is looking to the future in this area, and is preparing to set up a "next generation "network (NGN) within a few years, that will provide much greater  bandwidth than we see today. The future network will enable us to provide innovative services."

Patir emphasized that by increasing bandwidth, many value added services will become available. We certainly intend to take the value added road. Even if Bezeq is not allowed right now to enter some of these areas, we believe we have to be ready for the day when we can."

On another subject, Patir said that it is to be hoped that with the opening of the market to competition there will be a process of deregulation in the sector that will allow Bezeq greater flexibility in its operations. "Just as an example," said Patir, "Bezeq recently completed acquisition of full control in Pelephone, which will enable us, in the future, if regulation permits, to provide integrated services and communications packages. I for one am optimistic that we will be able to move in that direction."

"B-Digital services also enable use of the Bezeq line for things that were once inconceivable. We hope this trend will continue and that we will see more and more features allowing customer mobility and various new products from Bezeq on the home telephone line," concluded Patir.

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