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Bezeq and Galei Zahal inaugurate new transmitters in the North

December 25, 2006

Bezeq and Galei Zahal inaugurate new transmitters
in the North


This morming, new FM transmitters for Galei Zahal and Galgalatz were inaugurated at Bezeq's Shalom broadcasting station near Haifa. Since the beginning of this month, the station's broadcasts in the north have been transmitted at a frequency of 102.3 (Galei Zahal) and 107.0 (Galgalatz), and reports are that more locations in the north are reached with improved quality.

The transmitters and back-up systems were purchased by Bezeq at the request of the Ministry of Defense and the IDF, and Bezeq will operate and maintain them. With the inauguration, the Galei Zahal and Galgaatz transmitters in the Ramat Denya neighbourhood of Haifa have been shut down.

The ceremony at the Shalom station was attended by the head of the Haifa/North Division at Bezeq, Moshe Cohen, the commander of Galei Zahal, Avi Benayahu, and the Director General of the Ministry of Defence, Victor Bar-Gil.

"Bezeq is the leading radio and TV broadcasting distributor in Israel," said Ika Abravanel, Deputy CEO of Bezeq. "The set-up and operation of the new transmitters by Bezeq will considerably improve reception of the broadcasts of Galei Zahal and Galgalatz in the north."

The commander of Galei Zahal, Major General Benayahu: "Galei Zahal is committed as a public radio service for the entire country. I am pleased that now, the soldiers and citizens all over the north can enjoy its broadcasts."

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