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Ari Bronshtein - in Charge of Business Development

November 27, 2003

Ari Bronshtein Will be in Charge of Business Development at Bezeq


Ari Bronshtein (35) will be appointed to head the business development field at Bezeq on the retirement from the Company of VP Business Development, Michal Even-Chen in about one month's time.  

Bezeq's CEO, Amnon Dick announced that Bronshtein will fill the position in addition to his present position as Head of Finance and Investments in the Finance Division.  Mr. Dick announced that in the matter of business development Bronshtein would report directly to him. As has been reported in the past, the issue of business development is no longer planned to be an independent division at Bezeq. 

Ari Bronshtein has been at his present post already four years and he is considered to be one of the leading professionals in his field. Lately Bronshtein has stood out when, on Bezeq's behalf, he led the successful public issues executed by the company.

Bronshtein completed with excellence his Master's degree in Accounting and Finance at Tel Aviv University.  Prior to joining Bezeq, he was business analysis manager at Comverse.

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