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Agreement signed for changing the status of Bezeq workers

January 15, 2001
Agreement signed for changing the status of Bezeq workers recruited
from employment agencies to Bezeq employees
January 15, 2001

The agreement aims to increase employee involvement and commitment to
the service treaty
Representatives of Bezeq, the Histadrut (Workers Federation) and the
Bezeq Labor Union have signed an agreement that changes the status of
workers recruited from employment agencies to that of Bezeq employees,
in a collective agreement. The agreement was signed by Bezeq's Vice
President for Management Resources - Gideon Kadussi, the Bezeq
portfolio manager at the Histadrut - Rahamim Laniado, and the Chairman
of the Labor Union - Shlomo Kfir.

In signing the agreement, Bezeq has preempted all other organizations
and companies in Israel and has found an appropriate and honorable
solution for the employment of quality personnel with
employer-employee relations and suitable salaries.

Under the terms of employment, workers coming to Bezeq from
employment agencies will be entitled to all the social benefits
granted to Bezeq employees, such as holiday gifts, vacation and
culture basket, and the like.

Gideon Kadussi, VP - Management Resources Division, expressed his
appreciation to the other participants in the negotiations -
representatives from the Histadrut and the Labor Union - for the road
they had taken together and for the will to arrive at an agreed
solution which will benefit both the workers and the company.

"This unique agreement will support the service treaty to which Bezeq
made a commitment at the beginning of October 2000. Having joined
Bezeq as regular employees, these workers will show increased
commitment to the principles of the service treaty and to the values
of meeting deadlines, courteous and quality service, a readiness to
help and to try to understand the customer and meet his requirements,"
said Kadussi.

Most of the workers currently coming to Bezeq from employment
agencies are assigned to positions involving customer contact, and do
essential jobs such as customer service representatives at telephone
centers, maintenance crews, etc. Bezeq believes that once these
workers become Bezeq employees in all respects, they will identify
more closely with the values and aims of the company, thereby
improving the standard of service that Bezeq provides for its

Bezeq's management expects that the move will also influence
personnel stability in the company, and will reduce worker turnover at
its service centers.

All the service providers at the 144 (directory assistance), 166
(repairs) and 199 (customer service) centers of Bezeq participate in
training courses before starting their employment, as well as periodic
refresher courses. The knowledge acquired in these courses and the
experience accumulated in practical work, contribute greatly to the
overall quality of customer service provided by Bezeq.

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