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91 Bezeq's Customer Managers Graduate

January 19, 2003


Customer managers are considered the spearhead of Bezeq's business sales and services. "Services are tailor-made for each individual customer," says Arye Lavron manager of the Business Sales Division


Bezeq has awarded 91 customer managers with professional qualification after they completed intensive studies in two stages theoretical studies and exams, plus six months proven experience.Customer managers are the spearhead of Bezeq's business sales and services.

The studies include training in services and their applications in the business sector – broadband, IPVPN, data communications, and unique Bezeq services such as business access. The course also includes lectures on sales and service strategies as seen from the business world.

Bezeq's customer managers come from two fields – sales and marketing, and technology (technicians and engineers). The courses emphasize the importance of combining  professional knowledge with the art of selling – recognition of the importance of the business customer for Bezeq, and familiarity with various sales strategies.

Gidi Kadusi, VP of Human Resources, said at the ceremony that in an age of competition, the professionalism and skills acquired in these courses are vital. Bezeq's training array includes other courses designed for the various occupations of its employees, such as service reps for the SOHO sector, technical support for ADSL, 199 service representatives and others.

Arye Lavron, manager of the Business Services Division, said that customer services are the main strength of Bezeq's business sector, and the various courses equip employees with the tools to cope successfully in a competitive communications market. "For businesses which approach Bezeq, the company's services are tailor-made for each customer from a broad range of services and applications. Each company is examined for parameters such as fields of activity, structure, character, requirements, and volume of communications required. After mapping the data, the customer manager suggests the optimum array for the company. In addition, 'consumer sentiment' is fostered between the need-intensive customer and Bezeq”, said Lavron.

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