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250 employees will start the retirement process under the agreement from the year 2000

August 16, 2006

Under the retirement agreement from 2000:

Commencing this week – 250 employees will start the retirement process

Commencing this week, Bezeq, in coordination with the Union, will initiate another stage in the efficiency and retirement agreement signed in the year 2000 between Management and the workers' representatives.

The year 2000 agreement relates to the retirement of 1,770 employees. Performance of the agreement is gradual, over a period of years. This week, the process will start for about 250 employees, most of whom will be retiring on the terms of a voluntary retirement plan. Nevertheless, because of the security situation, CEO Yacov Gelbard instructed that employees from the north (Hadera northwards) who are needed to help cope with the work load after the war, should not be included in the program for the time being.

Negotiations between Management and the Union for a new labor agreement are continuing – for realization of efficiency and change in the organizational structure of the Company. These negotiations are at an advanced stage.

CEO Yacov Gelbard said that an efficiency plan at Bezeq is essential, and will be fully coordinated with the union in as sensitive and humane a way as possible. "We are implementing the old agreement and making every effort to reach consensus for the new agreement, which will enable structural change as well other changes which the Company needs. Retirement terms at Bezeq were determined jointly with the union, so that every employee who retires will enjoy his full rights, as well as the complete attention and sensitivity necessitated by the efficiency process, even when the process involves voluntary and consensual retirement," said Gelbard.

Union Chairman Shlomo Kfir said that he too believes that the new agreement is imminent. "We have come a long way in the negotiations, and there is no disputing that Bezeq must adapt to competition and the new market conditions. We see eye to eye with Management on the necessity for changes, but it is our duty as a union to guarantee the workers' rights, and that's what we will do, as we always have. We will make sure that even in the essential efficiency measures, every employee who retires from Bezeq will leave with his head high and with all the rights and support that Bezeq knows how to give," said Kfir.

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