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200 Million Around the World Surf by Broadband

January 24, 2006

200 Million Around the World Surf by Broadband

65% by DSL Technology
In Israel 2 million surf using broadband DSL technology
New Bezeq campaign launched this evening

Towards the end of 2005, the number of broadband subscribers will reach about 200 million, compared to about 152.4 subscribers at the end of 2004. This is disclosed in a study by Point Topic. According to this study, about two thirds surf using DSL technology, and only one third use cable modems. This ratio is also found in Israel. According to the TIM survey, as of the end of 2005 Bezeq's high-speed Internet, using ADSL technology had more than two million surfers. The number of households subscribed to Bezeq's high-speed Internet recently crossed the line of 800,000 subscribed households.

This evening (Tuesday) a new television campaign will be launched, to mark 2 million high-speed Internet surfers by ADSL. The campaign has been produced by Yehoshua TBWA office.

The television commercial is based on the previous Internet commercial. This time Bezeq thanks the many surfers for choosing to surf its high-speed Internet. The creative expression for the same is a list of surfers on the commercial credit roller, a never ending list of surfers …..

The purpose of the campaign is to prove that Bezeq's high-speed Internet has become in fact a popular communication product that exists in almost every home. The two million satisfied surfers using Bezeq' high-speed Internet – know that they have made a good choice. The surfers' usage of Bezeq's high-speed Internet also keeps rising, and the variety of usage keeps expanding.

A study by Point Topic found that broadband DSL technology keeps expanding in the world, at the expense of the cable modem technology. Until the end of the third quarter of 2005, the rate of usage of DSL among broadband subscribers in the world grew by 28.8%, while the usage of cable modems and other technologies grew by only 17.9%. DSL market share among broadband subscribers around the world grew from 63.9% at the end of 2004 to a dominant market share of 65.9%, compared to 34.1% of the subscribers who use cable modems or other technologies. Ron Guron, Bezeq VP of Marketing said that Internet surfers in Israel and around the world are aware of the fact that ADSL technology is superior to cable technology in all parameters. “Only ADSL technology is capable of offering the surfers the abilities most important to them, such as continuous surfing without disconnections and interferences. Only ADSL technology allows high speed pace assurance, most important for high-speed Internet surfers, now more than ever when the multimedia and video world dominate more and more Internet content” said Guron.

Additional findings:

An upheaval occurred in the Untied States, where until recently cable modem technology was the leader of the Internet market. The number of DSL subscribers grew by 26% in the first 9 months of 2005, and reached 17.3 million subscribers, compared to a modest increase by the rate of 16.7% in the number of cable modem subscribers, that reached 23.6 million subscribers.

According to the 2005 study data, a slight decline occurred in the number of subscribers joining the broadband Internet world - from 7.9% in 2004 to 7.3% in 2005. One of the most interesting findings is the estimation that Britain is now the leading country in Europe in broadband. Britain had about 9.8 million broadband subscribers in early 2006, while France had 9.7 million subscribers. Germany is the third in line in Europe with the number of broadband subscribers.

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