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150,000 kids have accessed Bezeq's summer camp site

July 26, 2006

Second week of Bezeq's internet summer camp:

150,000 kids have accessed the summer camp site – set up by Bezeq for children in the north who are confined to shelters; more than 20,000 are online in the morning


Bezeq's internet summer camp, in operation since the end of last week,  is proving popular and has already had 150,000 visitors. The kids have watched about a million pages. Peak times are 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., when more than 20,000 kids are surfing simultaneously. The most popular sites are the forums and chat rooms, which are active almost all day long.

The summer camp even has fans abroad – like every internet site, if the content is attractive, surfers from all over world will find it – and surfers from Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Poland and Iran are enjoying Balagan, Sonic X, Shaman King and Samurai Cats dubbed into Hebrew!

The virtual summer camp launched by Bezeq last week - –focuses on special broadcasts from the studio and the field. The camp is intended particularly for kids in the north who are confined to shelters, and to those who have moved further south with their families.

The regular presenters of the summer camp broadcasts are Udi Gottschalk, Aviad Ben-Tov and Puppet Samuel, stars of the Jetix channel, joined by Ronnie-B (star of "Born to Dance"), Assaf Forman, Dudu Erez and Efrat Anzel, who visit the kids in the shelters, interview them and hand out gifts. Among the stars who have been guests of the summer camp are Ronnie Superstar, Idan Yaniv and Dana Dvorin.

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