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144 Upgraded

November 27, 2005

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144 Upgraded

·           "Shalom, I need the number of a taxi station in Netanya".

       From now on – 144 doesn't need the name of a specific station

·           For the first time, 144 operators will be able to give numbers of service providers based on the type of service in the requested town

·           The system randomly selects three numbers each time, of providers of the requested service in the requested town


Bezeq has invested in a new system that manages the 144 data base (directory enquiries) and the telephone directory file. The new system, which was developed and assimilated by Bezeq's own Information Technologies and Marketing Divisions, is replacing the system that has been in use until now.

The main advantage of the new system is in the retrieval of data connected with the business world. In addition to finding a telephone number by name, the system can also find numbers by category. For example, for customers who call 144 and do not know all the details of the business they are looking for, the service representative can help using the new system, which can also find the requested number by category with only partial data.

In addition, for the first time, using the new system the service representatives will be able to give numbers of small service providers simply according to the service and the town in which the service is sought. For example, the system can be asked for the telephone numbers of taxi stations in a certain town, and will randomly retrieve three numbers (different ones each time) of taxi stations in that town.

Ika Abarbanel, Deputy CEO of Bezeq Wireline, says that the new system is good news for 144's customers, who are, in fact, the entire population of Israel. "This is an upgrade of the information and service capabilities of the 144 center, and will afford customers a much wider range of options. The fact that it is now possible, with only partial information, to find a phone number, is very significant indeed. From now on, much more information will be given more easily. Actually, it will be enough to say "Taxis, Hadera"  to obtain a phone number. The service representative's information search capability is now of a standard that I am convinced that every customer will be answered quickly and efficiently," said Abarbanel.

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