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*0000 - toll-free call for new cellular telephone numbers

April 13, 2004

*0000 - toll-free call for new cellular telephone numbers


In readiness for the change in cellular telephone numbers on 20th April, subscribers of the cellular operators can call *0000 in the Bezeq network and hear their new number – free of charge. After dialling in their old number they will hear a recording of the new number. Customers with a private exchange (mainly businesses) and those with ISDN lines can call 12220000.

The change in the cellular phone numbers and the transition to 10 digits on 20th April could cause some problems for the business sector in the functioning of their communications systems and organizational information. Making proper preparation for the change will help prevent harm to the business, its services and image.

Pnina Shenhav, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Bezeq, said that although Bezeq is ostensibly not involved in the change, in fact millions of calls to mobile phones pass through the Bezeq network every day, and Bezeq has prepared itself in three ways: with engineering technological and computer abilities for handling the new number structure (number identification, carrying the calls, and billing); by changing the cellular phone numbers that are embedded in Bezeq's systems, and assimilation of the change among Bezeq's customers.

From April to November access will be two-fold – by dialling either the old 9-digit number or the new 10-digit number. When an old number is dialled, the Bezeq system will delay briefly in order to identify whether the number is an old one or a new one, and it is that delay which is liable to affect the quality of customer service – and since millions of calls per day are involved, the delay could have an adverse effect on the overall level of Bezeq's service.

Bezeq's preparations for the change have been under way for more than a year, and have included scanning all the engineering and computer systems and all the company's services in order to identify problems and to make the adaptations needed for the change, so that every outgoing call will reach its destination and in every incoming call the call identification will be properly transferred.

Bezeq recommends checking the readiness of the various communications systems for the change in the cellular phone numbers right now. For example, lines with value added services such as "hotline" or "sequential prefix" which are defined for dialling to cellular phone numbers, private exchanges for their readiness to dial 10 digits, speed-dial tables, etc. And for business customers – letterhead, visiting cards, websites, etc. should be updated.

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