Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Bezeq – The Israel Telecommunication Corporation Ltd.

Approved by Bezeq management in December 2020, this document demonstrates Bezeq's commitment to the issue of human rights protection



Bezeq, as the leading telecommunications company in Israel, is working to promote and safeguard human rights in a variety of areas and ways within the framework of its operations. Full respect for the rights, which an individual is entitled to as a human being and by virtue of the law, is a fundamental value for us, and as such, we abide by all the legal provisions to which the Company is committed with respect to human rights, acting to advance these rights even above and beyond what is called for by ordinary legal requirements.


2Approach and Goals

We at Bezeq believe in the need and obligation to protect human rights; safeguard individual liberty, dignity, freedom of movement, and property; prevent discrimination of any kind; ensure personal security and physical integrity; and maintain equality among all people. Thus, the Company has in place a policy of rigorous adherence to all the relevant legal provisions and compliance with the requirements of the Company's ethics code. The Company also aims to maintain good, healthy relationships with its customers, stakeholders and workers. A policy of protecting human rights has the collateral benefit of strengthening the Company in other aspects as well. The field of telecommunications poses unique challenges to the protection of human rights whose implications must be addressed. At the same time, though, many opportunities to promote human rights arise in this sector, that are not found in others.


3Management and Assimilation of Human Rights

We at Bezeq are committed to responsible, transparent and fair management in the area of human rights protection. Accordingly, we undertake to abide by the requirements of general law, including the provisions of Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty and Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation.

Our human rights policy as well as our commitments and transparency in this matter highlight the specific difficulties posed by the telecommunications sector, in which the Company operates. To ensure the assimilation and implementation of the approved policy at senior levels of the organization, we commit to making certain that all our workers are familiar with our approach and goals in regard to human rights, and expect all our stakeholders to abide by our policy recommendations. As part of responsible management, we conduct clear and transparent communication with our stakeholders.


4Workers' Rights

We at Bezeq look out for our workers, and are committed to fulfilling their rights, even above and beyond what is required by law. We endeavor to maintain a work environment that is safe, free of racism, abusive behavior, bullying and sexual harassment. Moreover, we are absolutely committed to preventing discrimination of any kind, be it on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender, language, religion, political views, nationality, or otherwise. In the event we identify a violation of our workers' rights, we act to address it and to prevent its recurrence, collaborating with external entities if necessary. We hold ongoing dialogues with our workers, among other things, to prevent sexual harassment. We allow anonymous reporting and without fear to the officer in charge of sexual harassment issues at the Company.

Diversity, equality and zero-tolerance of sexual harassment and gender-related violence – To promote equality among our workers, we endeavor to do the following: operate in a wide geographical area; work to further the employment of women in general and to integrate women from the ultraorthodox community in the workforce; hire workers with Arab heritage; act to encourage the engagement of workers with special needs; employ older workers; maintain nearly identical base salaries for women and men at all employment levels. Additionally, we are committed to preventing sexual harassment, enable anonymous reporting, and also conduct training sessions for workers on this issue.

Compliance with all legislative requirements pertaining to workers' rights – We are committed to granting our workers the rights due to them by law. We allow them to unionize and are strict about honoring agreements and protecting their privacy. Every employee has a right to his/her political opinions. However, no political activity is allowed at the Company.

Prevention of child labor and forced labor – We comply with all legislative requirements regarding employment age and working conditions. As part of our activities to advance underprivileged populations, we hire youth-at-risk at the Company in conformity with Israeli law.


5Bezeq's activities in support of human rights

As part of its numerous activities, Bezeq takes great care to protect human rights through collaborations with non-profit organizations, employee volunteer days, as well as financial donations. Moreover, Bezeq has signed agreements with communications companies from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for purposes of providing communications services within the PA's territory and interconnectivity between networks. Within this framework, the Company provides transmission lines to PA communications suppliers, connects said suppliers with ISP license holders in Israel, and regularly makes an accounting in respect of interconnectivity between the Company's network and the PA communications companies: Paltel (fixed-line), Ooredoo (formerly Wataniya), and Palcell (cellular), as part of the commercial agreements signed between the parties.

Bezeq fosters health and occupational security – We are committed to protecting the health of our workers and advocate the promotion of wellness in the community. In addition, we are committed to advancing freedom of occupation in our company and are endeavoring to further the successful integration of diverse employee populations.

Bezeq in support of children and the elderly – We are working to familiarize youth with the advantages of technology. At the same time, we recognize the risks posed to youth by Internet use, and undertake to do our utmost to protect them, while not compromising their ability to express themselves. In addition, we are also promoting the rights of the elderly, and working to reduce age-related discrimination.

Community involvement of Bezeq employees, employee volunteer work – Company workers are instilled with a high sense of social commitment and are encouraged by the Company to contribute to society and engage in volunteer community work. We continue to encourage our workers to be communally involved and to serve as ambassadors of telecommunications technology for people at large.

Bezeq protects privacy and freedom of expression, which are becoming increasingly exposed to risks in the communications sector

We are committed to complying with the legislative requirements concerning the right to privacy, and are investing efforts above and beyond what is mandated by legislation to safeguard the privacy of our stakeholders. In the event of breach of privacy, we act immediately to remove relevant information and to prevent the recurrence of similar cases. But even as we protect the privacy of our stakeholders, we remain committed to safeguarding their freedom of expression in cyberspace and media space.


6Bezeq works to promote digitalization

We aim to make available to as many people as possible the unique advantages offered by Internet and telephony services. We have acted independently, including helping out non-profit organizations to promote the expansion and distribution of such services to all interested persons, geographic regions and social spheres of Israel.


7We expect our suppliers to ensure the full protection of human rights

Our commitment to protect human rights also extends to what we expect from the suppliers we work with. Concern for human rights is also reflected in our responsible procurement process, which means we expect our suppliers to also comply with the relevant provisions of our ethics code, to share our commitment to respect all aspects of human rights, and to refrain from carrying out actions that are prohibited by law in this context.

This policy presents the Company's view on human rights as well as the manner of managing and addressing this issue. It encompasses our approach to stakeholders, our commitment to workers and our expectations from the suppliers. In light of the fundamental importance of the different aspects of human rights, we have worked hard throughout the years to stay attuned to and address the needs at the time, to expand our scope of activities in the matter, and to revise our policy accordingly.


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