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Bezeq completes Israel's directory on the internet

Israel's directory on the internet completed:

From today, –

Your address for all the telephone numbers in Israel

From today, all telephone numbers in Israel are available at one address.

Bezeq has launched Israel's telephone directory on the internet. The directory contains both private and business numbers listed by all the telecom companies, and access is at –

In the new internet directory compiled by Bezeq for all the telecoms in Israel, you can find the phone numbers of Pelephone subscribers alongside those of Cellcom, MIRS and Orange, Bezeq and HOT – all at the above address. Use of the directory is free, and will soon contain also the numbers of the new operators – Golden Lines and GlobeCall.

This is the first directory of its kind in Israel. All the numbers of everyone, anywhere in the country, with all the telecoms in which he is a subscriber, are listed – both landlines and cellular. The results of a search display the numbers in random order, so that no company has an advantage of any kind over another.

For example, Yaakov Cohen of Kfar Saba has two Bezeq landlines and four cellular phones with different companies. One search will show you all the numbers registered in his name.

Until now, locating all those phone numbers meant making a call to each of the companies. The new internet service simplifies the search – all you have to do is access the b144 site, type in the relevant details in the required fields, then click on the "search" button. Within seconds, all the numbers of that person will be clearly displayed.

Bezeq has also created a special and advanced interface for telephone numbers in the business sector, equally simple to operate, so that you can obtain not only the requested telephone number but also all the businesses that meet the search criteria. You will find the home pages of those businesses on the internet, a link to a map showing the location of the business address, and other aids. If the business has more than one phone number, the system will display the main number and offer an option to view additional numbers.

The CEO of Bezeq, Yacov Gelbard, said that Israel's internet telephone directory is welcome news for everyone who uses the internet. "We took it upon ourselves to set up the this unified directory, knowing that Bezeq, with its years of experience, is best equipped, technologically, to build it in the allotted time frame. The fact that Bezeq was chosen by all the telecoms to set up and operate the directory speaks for itself, From now on, the search for telephone numbers is simpler, and I am convinced that the internet directory will be a great success. We intend to keep on improving the service on a regular basis," said Gelbard