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Bezeq is Israel's leading telecommunications service provider. Established in 1984, the Company has led Israel into the new era of communications, based on the most advanced technologies and services. Bezeq and its subsidiaries offer the full range of communications services including domestic, international and cellular phone services; broadband Internet and other data communications; satellite-based multi-channel TV; and corporate networks.

Bezeq's Network:

Bezeq's fixed line infrastructure comprises an NGN (Next Generation Network) - FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) network – approximately 2.1 million access lines and tens of thousands of fiber-optic lines, allowing for the delivery of a full range of value-added services.

The NGN technology is based on fiber optics deployed near the subscriber's home and enables broadband high-speed services and advanced IP telephony. Using the NGN network, Bezeq has led the Israeli communications environment from high-speed Internet to ultra-speed Internet. Broadband services offered to subscribers over the new NGN network reach 100 Megabits per second and enable consumers to enjoy the most advanced communications and content services.

Bezeq is continuing to invest in the upgrade of its telecommunications network. Through its investment in an advanced Fiber to the Building/Home (FTTB/H) network, fiber has been deployed to approximately 1.5 million households and businesses in Israel today. This represents a new level in the NGN project and will enable Bezeq to offer speeds of up to 1Gps in the future.

Customer-Focused Service:

Bezeq puts the customer’s needs and priorities at the center of its operations. The Private Division handles everything relating to services provided to the company's private customers, and is responsible for such areas as Bezeq service centers, Bezeq technicians and the directory information service.

Lowering the Cost of Bezeq Calls:

A wide range of calling plans to both fixed and mobile phones are available to Bezeq customers. Most new and existing Bezeq customers choose plans that meet their unique telecom needs. Moreover, the B-Phone application allows Bezeq customers to use their mobile phones at Bezeq rates wherever they may be, whether at home or away.

Broadband Internet – A Significant Growth Area:

Bezeq has installed over 1.5 million high-speed retail and wholesale broadband lines. With the introduction of the NGN infrastructure, Bezeq has launched high-speed surfing packages at speeds of 15, 40, and 100 Megabits per second. Bezeq has taken steps to lower prices and encourage customers to upgrade to higher speeds.

Advanced added-value services on the Internet infrastructure include:

  • Bezeq Free Cloud – a service for storing pictures, videos and personal files securely and with no storage limitations;
  • Bezeq Free WiFi – provides a free wireless Internet connection outside the home; and
  • Bphone - a service which allows calling Israel from abroad at the cost of a local Bezeq line.

Bezeq leads the home network market, connecting computers simultaneously on a wireless network, with about 60% of Israeli wireless networks operated by Bezeq. It is the only company offering a comprehensive solution – enabling customers to enjoy the most advanced wireless home network capabilities.

Bezeq also operates the b144.co.il directory site, using the most advanced technologies for retrieving information swiftly, easily and intuitively.

Bezeq and the Community:

Bezeq works to benefit the community through donations to charities and organizations aimed at supporting disadvantaged populations and closing social gaps. Bezeq primarily focuses on contributions to programs that reduce these gaps due to the unavailability of computers and Internet (digital divide), which is reflected in educational achievements and employment. Bezeq also encourages employees to volunteer for community activities.

Key Subsidiaries:

  • Pelephone Communications Ltd. (100%): Israel's first cellular phone operator, with over 2.3 million subscribers.
  • DBS (yes) (100%): yes is Israel's only provider of multi-channel television broadcasts via satellite to subscribers, and was the first company to offer digital broadcasts and interactive television services. The company has over 600,000 subscribers.
  • Bezeq International Ltd. (100%): Provides customers with comprehensive communications solutions in international telecom, data hosting, data communication, and information security solutions. Bezeq International is the leading Internet provider in Israel.
  • Walla (100%): an Israeli web portal providing news, search engine, e-mail services, online shopping, music and more.
  • Bezeq On-Line Ltd. (100%): Provides outsourcing and call-center services.