Press release – Gil Sharon resigns as Bezeq chairman

November 2, 2023

November 2, 2023                                                                                                                   


Bezeq Group chairman, Gil Sharon, announced his resignation

Gil Sharon will remain in his position for a few months to ensure a smooth transition

Bezeq Group’s chairman, Gil Sharon, informed the Company's board of directors yesterday that he intends to leave his position as chairman of the Group within a few months, after ensuring a smooth transition and to assist the Company where required.

During Gil’s term of office, as part of Bezeq’s growth strategy, the Group deployed its fiber optic network across the country at an unprecedented rate, and in less than three years, it became the largest network in Israel, rapidly connecting customers and becoming the network with the largest number of subscribers in Israel. At the same time, Pelephone accelerated deployment of the 5G network and upgraded close to one million subscribers to 5G services while increasing revenue. yes successfully launched a fiber optic television and internet bundle, resulting in the addition of tens of thousands of customers. Bezeq International set a new focus, on cloud, cyber, and integration services for companies, while carrying out M&A. In this period, the Company significantly reduced its financial debt and was able to distribute dividends to its shareholders again.

Following his decision, Gil Sharon said: “After a very intensive period in the Group, I decided to embark on a new path, where I can contribute my experience and enhance companies in diverse areas, as I did with great pleasure in all my previous positions, at Pelephone, Golan Telecom, and Bezeq. In my three years as chairman of the Group, we defined and implemented a growth strategy that led to excellent business results and consistent growth in revenue and profits".

“When I joined the Group as chairman, I felt closure by returning to the Group in which I served as CEO of Pelephone for many years”, said Gil Sharon, and he added, "Now I have decided to embark on a new path, where I can contribute from my experience and enhance companies in diverse areas, as I did in all my previous positions at Pelephone, Golan Telecom, and Bezeq. First and foremost, I thank my colleagues on the board of directors for their excellent teamwork and commitment to every task, and especially for the support I received from them. I thank the CEOs of Bezeq, Pelephone, yes, Bezeq International, and Bezeq Online for their excellent work and close cooperation. I also thank each and every one of the 11 thousand wonderful and dedicated employees of Bezeq Group, who contribute to the Group’s success every day.

Tomer Raved, CEO of B Communications the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, and a member of the board of directors, said: "We are very sorry to hear of Gil’s intention to leave his position. On behalf of the controlling shareholders of the Group, and all the members of the board of directors, I thank Gil for the years of successful leadership of the Group, and we greatly appreciate the way he managed it. The Bezeq Group continues to grow with outstanding results, largely due to the measures led by Gil." Tomer added: “Bezeq works closely with the security forces to provide high-quality communication to all residents of Israel and to the security forces”.

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