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Immediate Supplementary Report - Settlement in class action against Pelephone

November 2, 2020

Immediate Supplementary Report – Settlement in Class Action against Pelephone

Further to the Company's immediate report of March 27, 2016, and to the description in section 3.16.1(i) of the chapter titled "Description of the Company's Business" in the Company's periodic report for 2019, regarding a motion to certify a class action that was filed against Pelephone Ltd. ("Pelephone"), alleging that the public had incurred damages due to a fire that broke out in one of the switching stations operated by Pelephone, an immediate supplementary report is submitted as follows:

On November 1, 2020, the Company was notified by Pelephone that a judgment had been issued approving a settlement between it and the petitioners, pursuant to which Pelephone is to offer a benefit in the form of 50,000 discount vouchers for the purchase of cellphone accessories worth NIS 30 each (including value added tax), and amounting in the aggregate to NIS 1.5 million. Additionally, Pelephone is to pay compensation to the class plaintiffs and the fees of the petitioners' attorneys, for a total of NIS 350,000.



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The above information constitutes a translation of the Immediate Report published by the Company. The Hebrew version wassubmitted by the Company to the relevant authorities pursuant to Israeli law, and represents the binding version and the only onehaving legal effect. This translation was prepared for convenience purposes only.

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