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Grand Opening Of Bezeq Online's New Call Center

November 21, 2001
Grand Opening Of BEZEQ Online's New Call Center

More than 5 million dollars invested in the call center
The on-line call center provides 500 jobs in the Be'er Sheva area
The call center will operate 240 stations, 24 hours a day

Today the new call center of Bezeq OnLine was launched in Be'er Sheva. The call
center specializes in providing service for companies by outsourcing. The ceremony
was attended by the Minister of Communications, Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, the mayor of
Be'er Sheva, Yaakov Terner, and the heads, board members and senior managers of

In his address, the Minister of Communications said that as the regulator,
he sees that competition benefits the public, and that the aim should be to
increase competition without bringing the system to its knees. "I know that
Bezeq's position is sometimes on a collision course with the desire for
competition. There will be no competition in which Bezeq cannot compete.
None of the competitors will be given any advantage.

Bezeq's decision to set up a subsidiary – Bezeq OnLine, and to develop that company's
first call center in Be'er Sheva, was an acknowledgement of the importance of
providing jobs in the capital of the Negev. The new 1,500 sq.m. call center of Bezeq
OnLine was erected with an investment of five million dollars, and has 240 stations
employing approximately 500 people.

The call center, which will operate 24 hours a day, is equipped with the most
advanced technologies, which enable the service representatives to provide high
quality service for callers, with online updating of their particulars and previous
calls record. Initially, the service reps will provide service in Hebrew, English,
Arabic and Russian, and later, in other languages.

The Bezeq OnLine call center will offer a range of services – set-up and management
of service centers for incoming and outgoing calls, order center management,
telephone surveys and data collection, human response to Internet activities,
e-commerce, etc.

The focus of the system is the customer – when a call is made, a full picture
of all the caller's contacts with the company is displayed: previous purchases,
proposals requested and not brought to fruition, collection data and all other
relevant information, combined in such a way that all the data can be analyzed
and cross-referenced and immediate service provided.

The 500 service reps, some of them students at Ben Gurion University, constitute a
quality, efficient and available workforce. They are given general training lasting from a
week to a month, depending on the particular needs of the customers. 90% of the call
center employees live in approximately 35 locations in the south, from Ashkelon to
Dimona via Be'er Sheva, Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim, Eshkol, Mei Darom, Ganei Darom,
Gilat, Hevel Shalom, Hura, Yeruham, Sde Boker, Rahat, Mitzpe Ramon and elsewhere.

"The new company is starting operation in a field that is growing rapidly in Israel and
around the world," said Itai Cohen, the deputy CEO of Bezeq OnLine. "The new center
offers the customer human and technological resources that are among the best in the
world, and I believe that those resources will benefit both our customers and their customers".

Bezeq OnLine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq, was established specifically
to operate in the developing field of call centers that operate by the
outsourcing method. The company was planned and designed to provide a solution
for the needs, character, scope of operations and specific requirements of each
customer, by deploying one of the most advanced communication and computer arrays
in the world. The computer and telephony infrastructures were selected for maximum
flexibility, along with simple and user-friendly operation. The modern center
in Be'er Sheva uses the CRI system of Genesis, the IVR and CRM systems of Yael
Software, and the recording system of Comverse. The company's operations focus
on several areas: order center services for the sale of products by direct
marketing, information centers, dedicated centers, human support for Internet
sites, and others. Among the customers of Bezeq OnLine are Johnson&Johnson,
Yes, which uses the Bezeq OnLine call center as a service center, Pelephone
and GoNext.

The call center market is a rapidly-developing field all over the world.
In Israel, it is estimated at about 300 million shekels, compared with the
USA, where it has doubled in recent years, to 6 billion dollars.

Among the main factors contributing to the growth of this market are the following:

Changes in the consumption and leisure culture of the Israeli consumer,
including more extensive use of the telephone.

A trend of transition from face-to-face service to telephone service via
telephone centers or the Internet.

Technological developments, such as e-commerce, which will increase the need for
support of call centers.

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