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BezeqBill - Now On The Internet

October 10, 2002
10th October, 2002


Bezeq launches its trial service – itemized phone bill on the Internet

Bezeq today launched Bezeqbill – a trial service for a limited
group of customers. Through Bezeqbill, details of your phone bill can
be shown on the Internet. Depending on the measure of success and
public response to the trial, Bezeq will decide whether to expand the
service in the future for all its subscribers.

At present, 20,000 Bezeq subscribers have received a message inviting
them to participate in the trial, and Bezeq will gradually increase
this number if the public response warrants it.

The details available through Bezeqbill include all calls and charges
in the latest phone bill, and full details of calls made – up to
a few days prior to accessing the bill.

Joining the Bezeqbill trial is simple – just fill in the form
on the site – and send it to Bezeq by fax by
dialing 198, and after receiving a PIN, you can start checking the

Customers can check their bills according to various cross-sections:
all calls made during a certain period, calls to the various
communications providers – international and cellular, divided
by company, or according to duration of call or the payment for it.
The information can also be accessed in sequential date order, or by
call destination. The site also offers graphs that illustrate the
distribution of calls by the various providers.

Bezeq CEO, Ilan Biran, said that Bezeqbill is an important addition
for increasing the quality of Bezeq's service and the development of
innovative services for its customers, which develops greater openness
and trust between them and Bezeq.

Pnina Shenhav, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said that
Bezeqbill enables its subscribers to monitor the expenses they pay to
Bezeq compared with payments to other providers, thereby assisting
them to maintain better control of the family's communications
expenses. Shenhav emphasized that by using the personal call
itemization, the customer can check all calls by the parameter most
convenient for him – dates, destinations or duration.

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