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Bezeq Is Upgrading Its ATM Network

August 20, 2002
20th August, 2002


Bezeq is currently upgrading its ATM network for which it provides
services to ISPs, business customers, and ADSL broadband Internet

The upgrade will place Bezeq on equal footing with Europe's leading
communications companies, and will lead to closer cooperation with
other such companies, thereby enabling the application of future and
innovative technologies.

Bezeq expects the upgrade to be completed by the end of 2002.

"The upgrading is being done at night, so as to inconvenience
customers as little as possible," explained Paul Weissbach, Vice
President of Engineering. "By upgrading the ATM system and bringing it
up to international standards, we are enabling our customers to be
among the first in the world to enjoy the best of existing services
and technologies," said Weissbach.

The work involved in the upgrade, which has already started, will be
carried out intensively today and tomorrow. First to be upgraded are
dozens of nodes in the ATM network which are dispersed all over the
country. ATM operation will be halted only during the night, between 1
a.m. and 7 a.m., for short periods (up to half an hour).

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