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Bezeq Board Approves Investment in Personeta

November 5, 2001
Bezeq Board Approves Investment To Purchase 3.5% Of PERSONETA Shares.

The Board of Directors of Bezeq has approved an investment in the shares
of Personeta which will give Bezeq 3.5% of the share capital.

Personeta has developed a technology that enables telecommunications
companies and service providers to develop and apply new services simply,
quickly and at low cost, while bridging between existing systems and next
generation systems.

The system offered by Personeta is designed to solve the existing limitations
when advanced services are developed, and when it becomes necessary to
approach the large equipment vendors, which then turn the service development
into a protracted and expensive process.

Paul Weissbach, Deputy CEO of Bezeq and VP Engineering, said that Personeta
is one of the first companies to present advanced solutions for an open platform,
for the development of value added services on the basis of an existing and
future infrastructure network.

Bezeq will participate in a joint trial with Personeta in January 2002.

Personeta, operates in Hod Hasharon, was established in May 2000 and has
about 18 employees. Lightspeed Venture Partners led a round of investment
that raised several million dollars for the company. The investment
was madea longside The Sequoia Cisco Seed Capital Fund, which invested
in the company at the seed stage along with others.

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