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ADSL Campaign: Half Price For Three Months

October 2, 2002
2nd October, 2002


Starting on 1st October, 2002, whoever opens a subscription to Bezeq's
high speed ADSL Internet service, will enjoy the following benefits
for the duration of the campaign:
  • A 50% discount on the fixed monthly fee for three months.

  • Installation at half price.

  • A modem for 19.90 NIS every two months over two years.

The campaign will last for three months and will end on 31st December,
2002. Anyone who joins ADSL during that time will receive the above
benefits for three months from the date of signing up.

Pnina Shenhav, Vice president of Sales and Marketing, said that almost
120,000 surfers have already joined one of the high speed Internet

"The various ADSL packages offer a very broad range of surfing
potions at various speeds, making them very attractive for surfers.
Each surfer can decide for him/herself which package is most suitable
for his or her needs and specific surfing habits, said Shenhav.

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